RumahKu offers a full suite of real estate services including the buying, selling and leasing of properties for commercial or investment purposes. Although this is where a major part of its work is centered. The agency caters and supports a diverse clientele and network base, including private individuals and organisations, as well as various government bodies and officials.

Overview of Services

  • Agents for the buying, selling and leasing of properties including houses, shops, apartments, office and land.
  • Support for and collaboration with real estate developers
  • Property management
  • Property consultation



Company Responsibilities

RumahKu is unique in that its staff are active players. In order the serve its clients to the best of its ability, RumahKu’s staff prepares and completes, among others, the following duties:

  • introducing and listing of potential properties to prospective clients
  • providing consultation services on property investments, management and handling
  • coordinating and liaising with government bodies and private organisations
  • preparing all necessary documentation
  • referring, managing and arranging project completion
  • conducting proper evaluation of clients
  • conducting off-site inspection and viewing of properties
  • developing marketing strategies for effective results
  • advertising properties on effective medium
  • attending to client enquiries or concerns
  • providing optimal information and follow-up