Set up in 2011, Rumahku Real Estate is a real estate agency offering fresh professional real estate services.

The agency is 100% locally owned. With 15 years of experience and expertise operating in the local and international markets, Rumahku’s trained professionals use the best practices of both markets when catering to the people of Brunei.



Rumahku’s mission is to provide services beyond expectations, operating under the country’s concept of MIB (Melayu Islam Beraja).

The agency strives hard in providing quality, professional and tailored services to meet the individual needs of each client. It aims to operate efficiently with full honest and integrity, acting in accordance with Islamic principles, government laws and guidelines to protect the best interests of its clients and stakeholders.



Working towards the future, Rumahku aspires to continually increase operational excellence as a market leader. Rumahku also recognises the importance of creating value for its clients and aims to strive towards meeting and further exceeding its clients’ needs.

Rumahku’s vision is to fulfill the needs of the people of Brunei Darussalam and be the leader in facilitating the building and development of an Islamic community and civilization.