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Sapphire @ TG Bunut is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of property in a promising location. This location is but a stone’s throw away from a major shopping hub in an upcoming suburb. This fact alone will mean many benefits for home owners and investors alike.

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Sapphire @ TG Bunut is a well-designed property that possesses high quality finishes. The property does not only come with a complete kitchen but will comprise of many high quality extras. These additional all inclusive features will start from the exterior of the property and continue through to the interior. There are too many additional features to list but what we can say is that the essentials are there to make you fall in love with this wonderful and well priced development.

Whether you are looking for an investment with positive returns or a home, Sapphire @ TG Bunut has it all. When the right elements are properly combined a jewel is created. This jewel is Sapphire @ TG Bunut.